Life Rights Accommodation

Field of Flowers

These units provide independent living for the fit and able retired senior citizens under the age of 80 years who wish to partake in the life rights scheme.

Life Rights residents have access to all Bill Buchanan's facilities and social activities.

Each garden unit is visited daily by a caregiver under the supervision of our District Sister.

Buchanan Heights (FULLY BOOKED)

There are one or two-bedroom apartments on the 6th and 7th Floor of Buchanan House that have beautiful views of the green trees of Burman Bush.

Jace Graham Place (FULLY BOOKED)

There are 16 two bedrooms two bathroom units for married couples with drive-in access and a single garage adjoining the flat.  There are 8 upper units with a balcony and 8 lower units with garden access.

Brian Porritt Place (FULLY BOOKED)

This is the most recent complex of drive-in access units.  There are 10 two bedrooms two-bathroom units and 2 one bedroom one bathroom units.  The upper flats have a balcony with a scenic view and the lower units open out on to a small garden area.  They are close to the main building with easy access to all activities in the home.

Neville Becker Close (FULLY BOOKED)

These 4 two-bedroom cottages are for married couples and are situated on the border of the property in a private cul-de-sac and have their own small gardens.